What You Really Want and Need to Know About Pub Food in Exeter

In general most pubs are known for being a great place to go enjoy some fine ale and other types of beverages. When a great food menu is added to the experience then it really scales the experience up a notch. For those living or visiting Exeter, stop by our pub and enjoy some of the very finest pub food, Exeter has to offer!

What to Expect from Pub Food in Exeter

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to pub food. At the New Inn Broadclyst we offer an extensive Pub food menu so nobody visiting visiting us feels that their food options are limited. We have a grand reputation for offering a selection of the finest ales and lagers in the area as well as a good choice of wines. We wanted to compliment this with a Pub food in Exeter menu that would be just as impressive.

What Kind of Pub Food in Exeter is Available at the New Inn Broadclyst?

We have a robust selection of starters to get one in the mood for a great pub experience. For groups there is a choice of sharing platters for those who are looking for something to snack on rather than a full meal. Although the sharing platters are a wonderful prelude to a wide choice of main courses that can be hard to choose as each one is so delicious and mouth-watering.

The New Inn Broadclyst Approach

Having a full pub food in Exeter menu to choose from was just the first step that we’ve put into play. We use the best in quality ingredients, prepared by some of the most experienced chefs in Exeter along with impeccably clean and organised food preparation areas. Each food item is served at the exact right temperature in a pleasing manner by warm and friendly staff.

What you can expect from the New Inn Broadclyst Pub is a pub that has the reputation for providing the best pub food in Exeter at affordable prices in a setting that will more than meet your expectations. Book your reservation now and enjoy great drinks and pub food with family and friends!